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Both sides jointly worked on AI for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and sent one master student to each side for deeper collaboration.



Details of Collaboration 合作內容概述

Prof. Po Ting Lin from NTUST, Prof. Matteo Palpacelli and Prof. Adriano Mancini from UNIVPM are deeply involved in the society of IEEE/ASME Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications (MESA). They are now collaborating on research concerning autonomous vehicles, human-robot collaboration, and practical applications in areas such as smart manufacturing, agriculture, and cities.

The Taiwan-Italy graduate-students exchange program aims to strengthen ties between NTUST and UNIVPM. Prof. Matteo Claudio Palpacelli and Prof. Adriano Mancini are both served as Keynote Speakers and gave a keynote speech at the 2022 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications (MESA). Prof. Lin was the MESA 2019 General Chair and MESA 2022 Local Arrangement Chair. Through these engagements, they have recognized the mutual benefits of exchanging knowledge in the field of mechatronic integration. The collaboration involves an annual exchange of graduate students between the two institutions. Students partake in research programs, with UNIVPM students contributing to NTUST's Design Automation Laboratory (DAL) led by Prof. Lin and NTUST students joining either Prof. Matteo Claudio Palpacelli's lab in mechanical engineering or Prof. Adriano Mancini's lab in information engineering at UNIVPM.

This international collaboration not only seeks to advance the development and implementation of smart robotics systems for various applications but also aims to foster a deeper understanding and collaboration between Taiwan and Italy in the dynamic field of mechatronics and robotics.

國立臺灣科技大學(NTUST)的林柏廷教授,以及UNIVPM的Matteo Claudio Palpacelli教授和Adriano Mancini教授,皆深度參與IEEE/ASME機電整合、嵌入式系統及應用學會(MESA)。他們目前共同合作進行有關自主移動載具、人機協作以及在智慧製造、農業和城市等領域的實際應用研究。

臺灣和義大利的研究生交流計畫旨在加強NTUST和UNIVPM之間的聯繫。Matteo Claudio Palpacelli教授和Adriano Mancini教授,都曾擔任2022 IEEE/ASME機電整合、嵌入式系統及應用國際研討會(MESA)大會主要講者並發表專題演講,林教授則擔任過MESA 2019大會主席及MESA 2022在地規劃主席,並認識到在機電整合領域知識的互惠利益。這項合作包括兩所學校之間每年一次的研究生交換,學生參與研究計畫,UNIVPM的學生貢獻於由林教授領導的NTUST的Design Automation Laboratory(DAL),而NTUST的學生則加入UNIVPM的機械工程Matteo Claudio Palpacelli教授的實驗室,或是Adriano Mancini教授的資訊工程實驗室。





Project No.

Travel funding supported by National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), Taiwan (grant number 111-2912-I-011-504)

Project Partners

  1. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) in Taiwan

  2. Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM) in Italy

Principal Investigators

  1. Professor Po Ting Lin (Taiwan)

  2. Professor Adriano Mancini (Italy)

  3. Professor Matteo Claudio Palpacelli (Italy)

Contact 聯絡資訊

History of Collaboration 合作歷程

In the arrangement of MESA 2022 ( on Sep 28-30, 2022, Prof. Po Ting Lin invited Prof. Adriano Mancini and Prof. Matteo Claudio Palpacelli to come to Taiwan and serve as Keynote Speakers. Prof. Adriano Mancini gave a keynote speech entitled “Digital Twin Enabled Smart Control Engineering.” Prof. Matteo Claudio Palpacelli gave a keynote speech in the title of “Robotics and Mobile Machines.” Prof. Adriano Mancini is served as Session Chair of the topic “Mechatronics and Embedded Systems Applications / Mechatronics and Embedded Systems Education. Prof. Adriano Mancini's team also presented 2 papers in MESA 2022. The title of each paper is given below:

  • Prediction of Users Trajectories to Mimic / Avoid the Customer Behaviour during Mapping Tasks of An Autonomous Robot in Retail Environment

  • Benchmarking of Dual-Step Neural Networks for Detection of Dangerous Weapons on Edge Devices

Furthermore, Prof. Adriano Mancini and Prof. Matteo Claudio Palpacelli also attended International Forum of Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics (iFARM). Prof. Adriano Mancini gave the speech in the title of “Artificial Intelligence to Support the Inspection of Bridges: A New Generation of Intelligent Inspection Robots” Prof. Matteo Claudio gave a speech entitled “Collaborative Robotics in Human-Centered Manufactory.”

In the arrangement of MESA 2024 ( on Sep 2-4, 2024, Prof. Po Ting Lin will visit University of Genova and served as Session Chair of the topic “Advances in Robotics and Automation” with Prof. Matteo Claudio Palpacelli. Prof.  Adriano Mancini will be the Session Chair of the topic “Applications of Mechatronics and Embedded Systems.”

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