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Development of Microrobot Based on Visual Recognition and Machine Learning for Manipulation of Individual Living Cells


Project Details 計畫內容概述

The project’s theme aligns with the “Information and Emerging Production Technologies research domain.” Our primary objective is to develop an innovative, autonomous, and flexible microrobot designed to precisely manipulate individual living cells. Micromanipulation systems typically suffer from two key limitations: lack of autonomy and object recognition capabilities, necessitating highly skilled operators. Our proposed system addresses these challenges comprehensively by integrating intelligence, autonomy, and automated data processing. It comprises three main components:

  1. A micro-positioning system is facilitating 3D displacement of the manipulation tool.

  2. A video recognition system for identifying micro-objects, including properties like size, shape, object boundaries, and breakpoints.

  3. ​A machine learning system for autonomous control.


The video recognition system empowers the system to discern object characteristics, enhancing its precision. Notably, our system is designed to function autonomously, capable of manipulating and positioning objects independently through machine learning-based algorithms. While such systems remain relatively rare due to their high design costs and substantial resource requirements, this international collaboration program presents an opportunity to harness the collective expertise of specialists from diverse scientific disciplines. Together, we can overcome these challenges and cultivate groundbreaking technology with significant potential for advancing micro-object research.


  1. 微定位系統,促進操控工具的三維位移​

  2. 視訊識別系統,用於識別微小物件,包括大小、形狀、物件邊界和斷點等特性​

  3. 機器學習系統用於自主控制





Project No.

MOST 110-2923-E-011-006-MY3

Project Partners

  1. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) in Taiwan

  2. Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) in Latvia
  3. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Vilnius Tech) in Lithuania

Principal Investigators

  1. Professor Po Ting Lin (Taiwan)

  2. Professor Modris Greitans (Latvia)

  3. Professor Vytautas Bučinskas (Lithuania)

Contact 聯絡資訊

Publication 期刊論文發表

With the support of this project, this research team has published the following four international journal papers, and one paper is under review.

  •  Zheng-Jie Huang, Brijesh Patel, Wei-Hao Lu, Tz-Yu Yang, Wei-Cheng Tung, Vytautas Bučinskas, Modris Greitans, Yu-Wei Wu, Po Ting Lin*, Yeast Cell Detection Using Fuzzy Automatic Contrast Enhancement (FACE) and You Only Look Once (YOLO), Scientific Reports, 13, 16222, 2023.

  • Subačiūtė-Žemaitienė Jurga, Andrius Dzedzickis, Antanas Zinovičius, , Vadimas Ivinskij, , Justė Rožėnė, Rokas Bagdonas, Vytautas Bučinskas, Scanning Electrochemical Microscope Based on Visual Recognition and Machine Learning, Key Challenges in Automation, Robotics and Measurement Techniques. AUTOMATION 2023. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 630. Springer.

  • Laizans, Modris, Janis Arents, Oskars Vismanis, Vytautas Bučinskas, Andrius Dzedzickis, and Modris Greitans. Supplementation of synthetic object replicas for increasing precision of microrobot trajectory keypoints, Robotic Systems and Applications, 3, no. 1 (2023): 47-58.

  • Chen, Yen Jung, Wei-Cheng Tung, Wei-Rui Lee, Brijesh Patel, Vytautas Bučinskas, Modris Greitans, and Po Ting Lin*. Designing and controlling a self-balancing platform mechanism based on 3-RCC spherical parallel manipulator, Robotic Systems and Applications (2023).

  • Vytautas Bucinskas, Jurga Subaciute-Zemaitiene, Andrius Dzedzickis, Inga Morkvenaite-Vilkonciene, Robotic micromanipulation: a) actuaors and their application, Robotic Systems and Applications, 1(1), pp. 2-23, 2021.

Besides, six international conference papers were published, as shown below:

  • Wei-Cheng Tung, Brijesh Patel, Vytautas Bučinskas, Andrius Dzedzickis, Modris Greitans, Po Ting Lin* (2023.8.30-9.1) Automatic Cell Recognition in Microscopic Images Based on Contrast Enhancement and YOLO, 2023 International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS 2023), Paper Number 1017, Taipei, Taiwan

  • Makulavicius, Mantas, Justas Makutėnas, Dominykas Čičiurėnas, Vytautas Bučinskas, and Andrius Dzedzickis(2023.06.20 – 06.22), The Concept of Efficient Tool Path Generation Method for Industrial Robots, International Workshop on Embedded Digital Intelligence (IWoEDI’2023), Riga, Latvia.

  • Oskars Vismanis*, Janis Arents, Vytautas Bucinskas, Andrius Dzedzickis, Brijesh Patel , Wei-Cheng Tung, Po Ting Lin and Modris Greitans(2023.06.20 – 06.22), Design and implementation of a microrobot system for manipulation of microscopic objects, International Workshop on Embedded Digital Intelligence (IWoEDI’2023), Riga, Latvia.

  • Zheng-Jie Huang, Imran Ali, Vytautas Bučinskas (Lithuanian PI), Modris Greitans (Latvian PI), Po Ting Lin* (Taiwanese PI) (2021.8.17-21) Fuzzy Automatic Contrast Enhancement (FACE) to Improve the Performance of Object Detection of Yeast Cell Images, 2021 International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS 2021), Paper Number 1129, Virtual Online, Taiwan.

  • Modris Laizans, Oskars Vismanis, Janis Arents, Vytautas Bučinskas, Po Ting Lin, Modris Greitans* (2021.8.17-21) Improvement of An Object Detectors Precision by Diversifying the Training Dataset with Image Enhancement and Synthetic Data, 2021 International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS 2021), Paper Number 1127, Virtual Online, Taiwan.

  • Morkvėnaitė-Vilkončienė, A. Dzedzickis, J. Subačiūtė-Žemaitienė, Modris Greitans, Po Ting Lin*, Vytautas Bučinskas* (2021.8.17-21) Development of Automated System Concept Intended for the Electrochemical Evaluation of Micro-Objects, 2021 International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS 2021), Paper Number 1072, Virtual Online, Taiwan.


Also, one Taiwanese invention patent was awarded by this research team.

  • Po Ting Lin*, Yu-Wei Wu, Wei-Hao Lu, Shu-Ping Lin, Yu-Ta Yao, Modris Greitans, Vytautas Bučinskas, “Highly adaptable image coding method and image recognition method”, Taiwan Invention Patent: I800874

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